Wednesday 11 December 2019, PESAT Integrated Christian College of Religion inaugurated 23 Bachelor of Christian Religious Education. it certainly is a struggle that is not easy for students to be confirmed as a scholar. this is an achievement that should be grateful for graduates, because by the grace of God they can complete the struggle in pursuing undergraduate studies. On this occasion the Message of the Chairperson of the Integrated Integrated Christian High School was that graduates and graduates not only functioned as an addition to the number of graduates who had graduated, but were able to improve performance in different ways and not in the same way but dreaming of different results.



Graduation is the moment that all students look forward to. Every process that is experienced, every ups and downs experienced, and every effort you have for about 4 years makes you deserve to receive it. To read more, please clik here! If you want to see more pictures, please clik here!

Building confidence is one of important thing in leadership. One of the thing that will help to build your confindence is you ever have feel a winner in your childhood. So lets see this video. To see more videos, please clik here!

Vission and mission




Stand in the darkness