Graduation Ceremony 27th October 2018

Graduation is the moment that all students look forward to. Every process that is experienced, every ups and downs experienced, and every effort you have for about 4 years makes you deserve to receive it.

Happiness emanating from the look on your face, the tears that come out and the feeling of emotion that you feel when the pigtails are moved from left to right tell you your preparation to enter the next field of ministry Remember, your struggle is not over. There are still great things that you must do in the field of ministry that God has prepared for all of you.

Dietrich Boenhoffer once said that "whoever is called by God means that he must come and dares to die for the LORD!" Serving God is not a choice but a necessity. Serving God means that there must be a price to pay. Dare to sacrifice to show a radical disciple.

Continue to be passionate in serving and relying on God in your future ministry. Proficiat!

27th October 2018