Integrity is part of leadership. Leadership without integrity is like going to work without bringing your tools. What will you do as your work place without your tools? You will not do much. This is the same with leadership. If you start leading, you must prepare yourself with the tools that help you in your leadership. If you do not have the tools (one of the tool of leadership is integrity) in your leadership, you will burnout as a leader.

John Maxwell ha said, skills can bring us on the top of the mountain, but only character will make us stand firm on the mountain. We see here how important Integrity is (Integrity is one of character) in leadership. The problem is  - "Why are there leaders that don't have integrity?" In some social media, we see how integrity in Indonesia is poor. Many leaders fall in to corruption (Stealing something that belong to people). Simple definition of integrity is - that we do what say we are going to do. 

I know this is not easy. Each one of us had to get to this point. A leader is a man who stands at the front to bring his followers to the place he wants. Another word, a leader is a role model for his followers. If a leader brings himself to the wrong place, then the followers will follow him to the wrong place as well. So, if a leader doesn't have integrity then his followers may not integrity either. 

Integrity doesn't build in a day. It is built everyday, every time, every moment in every where. If we want see our place change, then it must start with us. If a leader wants to make his followers have integrity, he must start with himself. Action is more powerful then a million beautiful words.