Creative teacher training

Creative Sunday School Teacher Training

Children's ministry is an important service that must be considered by every local church. Why is that? because children are God's gift in the family that is entrusted also for the church to educate and pay attention to their growth.  Children are assets that God will use to declare His Great plan. Therefore the church must see the children's ministry as a responsibility given by God to teach and ensure children grow spiritually.

Seeing the importance of this children's service, the Integrated STAK Terpadu care and participate take part in encouraging and training each church to be creative in serving children. One of the activities carried out was to improve the creative quality of Sunday school teachers through training, seminars and also to become a church to serve children creatively.

among the teachers be trained

to be able to provide creative value in creating songs, creating new movements that attract children's interest in participating in worship activities. Give a game that can help children to understand God's word practically


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